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The Market Value of Processing Dietary Fiber by Maize Processing Plant

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Nowadays, our economic level is developing higher and higher. The processing technology of maize processing plant is also developing rapidly. The maize processing plant, as the important maize machinery, can realize the comprehensive utility value of corn.
We know that maize processing plant can be processed into different kinds of corn products, fully meeting the needs of people's lives. Corn processed corn products processing machinery mainly corn oil , corn starch , etc., in daily life , animal husbandry, industry and other fields have a good application. Here we look at the use of the specific value of corn processing machinery processing of dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber is processed by corn products, after adding some special nutritional food additives. Corn processing machinery for processing dietary fiber have lower serum cholesterol, prevent high cholesterol and obesity and so on. In our daily diet often come into contact with dietary fiber, sweet potato, lotus vegetables , celery, corn contains a large amount of dietary fiber. So, how to better use of corn processing machinery to complete the extraction of corn dietary fiber it?

In the production process , the use of MAIZE PROCESSING PLANT can process corn into corn dietary fiber. Meanwhile, during the corn processing machinery production , to increase the surface area of the outer skin of the corn seed , get rid of unwanted soluble substances that can be used hammer mill to crush the raw material to the appropriate size , in order to facilitate better corn processing machinery processing operation.

After the material is ready to work, you can use maize processing plant. Water is added to 20 degrees Celsius in the corn material processing machine , the solids content of the feedstock is maintained between 2% -10 % , followed by stirring the slurry to make the salt water and some sugars dissolved protein . At that time , during the corn processing machinery production , mixing time should not be...


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