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Attempt to answer the following MCQ questions:

1. Data communications via circuit switching involves three phases. These phases are:

  a. connect, transfer, hangup

  b. ring, talk, hangup

  c. dial, transfer, disconnect

  d. establishment, data transfer, disconnect

  e. establishment, multiplex, hangup

2. A public telecommunications network can be described using for generic components:

  a. senders, receivers, lines, and nodes.

  b. subscribers, local loops, exchanges, and trunks.

  c. subscribers, trunks, nodes, and loops.

  d. senders, receivers, exchanges, and trunks.

  e. Local loops, subscriber lines, exchanges, and trunks.

3. Control signaling on circuit switching networks performs a number of functions. Which of the following is NOT one of classes of function for control signaling?

  a. establishment

  b. supervisory

  c. address

  d. call information

  e. network management

4. Which of the following is NOT one of the stated advantages of packet switching over circuit switching?

  a. There is less network delay.

  b. Line efficiency is greater.

  c. Data rate conversion can be provided.

  d. Priorities can be used.

  e. Connections are never rejected.

5. Which of the following is NOT a reason for network jitter when using packet switching networks?

  a. Packets may vary in length.

  b. Switches may vary in the time required to process packets.

  c. Packets may take different paths through the network.

  d. Packets may encounter network congestion.

  e. Data rates will vary from one trunk line to the next.

Attempt to answer the following questions from your text:

[12.1] Why is it useful to have more than one possible path through a network for each pair of stations?

[12.2] Concerning a switched communications network, answer the following as either true or false.

      a) All switching nodes are connected to...


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