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Maize Milling Machine Can Process Corn Into Feed

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Maize milling machine can not only process corn into corn flakes,corn grits, corn flour, but also is widely used in stock farming, medicine pharmacy and alcohol plants.

The maize also called “Corn or Indian Corn is widely cultivated in India. Maize ranks high among the four or five principal cereal crops of the world. It is utilized in more diversified ways than any other cereal. The grain is quite nutritious, with a high percentage of easily digested carbohydrates, fats and proteins and hardly and deleterious substances. Maize starch is employed in the manufacture of asbestos, ceramics, dyes, plastics, oil cloth, paper and paper boards and in textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries. The derivatives of maize starch include glucose or corn syrup, corn sugar, dextrins and industrial alcohol, which is employed in different industries. In India, the industrial use of maize are so far mainly confined to those relating to maize starch and in recent year maize starch industry has made marked progress. There is a good scope for new entrants.

Currently about 65 percent of the world's corn is used for feed , up to 80% in developed countries , therefore , corn is the foundation upon which the development of animal husbandry . To some extent, MAIZE MILLING MACHINE can promot the development of animal husbandry .
Corn is a good feed, can be directly used as pigs, cows , horses , chickens , geese and other poultry feed ; apply to pigs , cattle , cows, chickens . With the development of corn processing equipment , feed corn are widely used. Application of feed corn processing byproducts of corn processing equipment in corn wet milling and dry milling , starch , beer, dextrin , sugar production and processing of embryos , wheat bran, slurry and other products, is an important feed resources in the United States accounted for feed processing more than 5% of the raw materials.

From the above, corn is an important source of livestock feed, and maize milling...


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