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Pathos- is a technique or strategy used in which a writer ties to generate a specific emotion such as fear envy anger or pity in an audience to dispose it to accept a claim.

Using emotions to build bridges is a technique where the writer writes material which the reader regards as sensitive. “Before they’ll trust you, they’ll want assurance that you understand the issues in depth”. This is a very important strategy because I believe one of the main goal for a writer is to have their audience identify with what they are reading, and what a strong method to use is by drawing out what every human being has within, emotions.

  1. Scare tactic- A fallacy argument presenting an issue in terms of exaggerated threats or dangers.
  2. Either-or choice – A fallacy of argument in which a complicated issue is misrepresented ads offering only two possible alternatives, one of which is often made to seem vastly preferable to the other.
  3. Slippery slope-A fallacy argument exaggerating the possibility that a relatively inconsequential action or choice today will have adverse consequences in the future.
  4. Overly sentimental appeal- A fallacy of an argument in which appeal is based on excessive emotion.
  5. Bandwagon appeal- A fallacy of an argument in which a course of action is recommended on the grounds that everyone else is following it.
Scare tactic- On cigarette boxes there were images of blackened lungs due to cigarette smoking.
Either-or choice- In Mercury car insurance commercials they give all the benefits that their company can offer, and the completion has far less benefits that are offered.
Slippery slope- If allies of the United States do not adhere to peace treaties now, there will be negative consequences in the future.
Overly Sentimental-I saw an anti-home alarm company ads on the internet and it said   “ There’s no price that can be placed on peace of mind. Our advanced security systems protect the...


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