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Modern Society Today.

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What is the most significant challenge to modern society today?
I believe that the most significant challenge is balancing national security and people rights and freedoms.
After 9/11 the world cracked down on security because they wanted to show the world that we will not be bullied and that the government will protect its people. In the process people were treated terrible and where accused of terrorism and still are today.   We as people stereotype people because of their race or culture. After 9/11 racial profiling of people from the Middle East in airport security was increased and has not been lowered. Examples of people being treated poorly and unfairly was when twelve airline passengers arrested in Amsertdam because they were suspected to have been planning to commit some act of violence even though no evidence was found to prove this. In Nazareth two israelie – arab brothers won money due to damages because they believe they where abused and treated unnecessarily by airport security staff.  
Another example is from a Syrian man named Maher Arar he moved to Canada with his family when he was young. When he was traveling he was considered to be a person of interest by the RCMP and their information he was sent back to Syria and the US policy of extraordinary rendition. After release Arar filed a law suit against the US government charging that his rights had been violated and in truth his rights had been and no link has been found between Arar and any terrorist group. Upon his release the Canadian government apologized for its role in his deportation and awarded him over ten million dollars in damages.
What do all these examples have in common? That all those that where accused of terrorism had not been involved in any terrorist group and that they all felt as through their rights and freedoms where violated and in truth they were.
The extant that those people had been treated was horrible and this is still happening every day and all over the world...


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