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Influential Theorists

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Influential Theorists
By: Joseph Riley
POS 2041- American Federal Government
Research Project Paper
Professor Jacks

There are many people that influenced our system of government; Karl Marx and Cesare Beccaria happens to be two influential theorists who have done just that. Karl Marx and Cesare Beccaria were two theorists who basically believed that the system of the government was not healthy for the society and both created their own vision on how people were being treated by the government. Karl Marx created the (World Book Encyclopedia 237 M) which is of him expressing within his political essays in his bitter view that the economy is oppressing human beings and his belief that political action “revolution” is a necessary part of philosophy, including all of its flaws and etc. Cesare Beccaria and with help of his friends “academy of fists” created Treatise on “Crimes and Punishments” which was published in 1764.   It discussed the rights of humanity within the most logical arguments. Both men was the creator of these essays or writings that changed our system of government and went down in history.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Karl Marx was a great political philosopher and a humanitarian. Karl Marx was born May 5, 1818 at 2:00 AM, the life of the greatest political philosopher began. He was born in the Rhine province of Prussia, and was born to Henriette and Hirschel Marx (Payne 17). Hirschel Marx was a rich lawyer and was also a Jew (World Book Encyclopedia 236M). On August 26, 1824 Karl and his whole family was baptized, so his family turned away from its traditional Jewish teachings to Protestant Christianity (Payne 21). At age twelve Karl entered the Friedrich Wilhiem Gymnasium. He stayed there for...


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