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Rapid Globalization has led the world into an era of blazing economic growths and global cooperation. Undoubtedly, it seems to the whole world that rapid globalization has brought us numerous benefits. Nevertheless, according to Goldin’s TED talk, it also has brought plenty of serious impacts such as the collapse in climate change, financial crisis and inequality (2009). Among all the problems, climate change has caught everyone’s attention. Based on Goddard Institute of Space Studies Surface Temperature Analysis from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the temperature anomaly was sustainably negative during 1880-1935, and the number hit bottom in 1917(-0.47oC). Since then, global temperature has begun to become warm. It reached the highest anomalies of +0.6 oC compared to the past 120 years in the most recent year (Shah, 2013). Moreover, this number keeps increasing every year. One of the most vital causes is increase in greenhouse gases due to human activities. To address this problem, ecologists have come up with some methods. One apparent solution is to reduce the cutting of trees. Another method is to replace fossil fuels with environmental friendly raw materials.
Global warming and climate change does matter for three reasons. Firstly, most scientists believe that extreme weather patterns like more storms and water scarcity are caused by global warming. Secondly, it results in rising sea levels and the polar cops melting.   Many small islands and coastlines will be affected. In fact, some of them have already disappeared due to rising sea levels. In addition, United Nations warning points out that, “Because of the impacts of serious drought caused by climate change on agriculture, almost 17% countries face food shortages this year (Shah, 2013).” One existing solution is to reduce the cutting down of trees.   It is estimated that almost half of the original forest has disappeared because of deforestation. Moreover, during the process of...


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