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Cohabitation is a relationship that consists of two partners that are in a non-marital bonding but live and share the same house. There are many reasons why people are not getting married and are fine with cohabitating. Given that the rate in cohabitation has rose in the last few decades, this surely means that couples are finding marriage as an option rather than a necessity like it was half a century ago.
Using certain statistics, it can be argued that religions such as Christianity are becoming less trendy and this has affected the marriage rate and cohabitation rate. This is also affecting the amount of nuclear families in the world as a nuclear family need a married couple. Another factor that might be affecting the amount of partners just cohabitating is the economy. As the economy is worsening and things are getting more expensive (especially for younger adults) this means that people are less likely to be able to afford to get married and if they do they will most likely do when they are older and have sufficient funds to support them.
People also don’t want to be involved in a committed relationship as they have sense of losing their independence and this impacts their feelings towards marriage. Also, the roles in which marriage consists are stereotypical and often involve a fixed job for each partner. E.g. the men going out to work and the women staying home to clean and cook. This stereotypical view can sometimes put off a partner to want to get married.


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