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Educational Institutions Should Actively Encourage Their Students to Choose Fields of Study That Will Prepare Them for Lucrative Careers.

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It seems to be too extreme to admonish students to prepare only for lucrative careers. I would rather disagree that educational institutions should encourage students to choose prudent fields of study.   Undoubtedly, institutions should guide students in picking their paths. They also should reveal all objective information about job placement what is rarely done in reality.

Of course, the situation when institutions collaborate with industrial companies is very beneficial for a society. There is also a trend that in the future as it is predicted in some educational analyses the situation will change drastically, namely the societal demand will play a dominant role in choosing a career. For instance, if there is a need to train more programmers, the demand will dictate the "rules" of placement, and educational institutions will prepare more programmers, rather than, say, applied mathematicians.
It is known that   mathematics is in high demand in today's society, but it largely depends on on field in mathematics. Topology, for example, is a very complex field of study, but the result of topology cannot be practical right away. Thus, it is not as prudent as applied mathematics nowadays.
However, there is a need for students working in topology. It would be wrong to discourage students to work in this field, especially since the scarce number of students work in the field, anyway,
Besides, as well known, the humanities, such as history, art history, literature, linguistics are not prudent fields of study. Nonetheless, it is important not to discourage students to study these disciplines, since literature and philosophy, for instance, are, one can argue, moral consciousness of a society, although, all in all, they are not in demand.
In addition, there should be an objective information available to students on job placement statistics. Students have right to know what will expect them in future. Government along with educational institutions should publish...


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