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My Lazy Weekend

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My lazy weekend

My weekend was very lazy . In Friday I had singing lesson because next month we will have huge Christmas concert . I will sing two songs with my friends .   Ever year I am joining this concert . It is a great experience for me . After this I went home and read my favorite book all the evening . Than I fell asleep . Next morning I woke up very early I have no idea why . I started to do my homework when my little brother woke up and asked me if I can go out with him because my mother was busy , She was preparing hisbreakfast . We went out for a little walk at about 10 o`clock we were back home . Outside the weather was freezing . Sometimes I prefer cold weather but my brother is five years old and he cannot stand outside for too long because its not very healthy .
He had breakfast and than continued my homework . I finished it at about four o`clock in the evening . I decided to finish the book and I did it . It was too late to go out with friends and I downloaded a few films and watched two of them .
The first one was `Remember Me ` . My best friend told me before it is a great film but now I realized it . It`s kind of romantic drama film , I cried of course but this is normal for me .
The second film was À walk To Remember `. I read the book before but I like the film too . It became on of my favorites .
I went to sleep because I was tired .
On Sunday morning my parent were at home and we went to village to feed my dog . He is a rottweiler named Rambo . I had my dog for eight years and I believe that you can build a better friendship with an animal , dog for example than with a human . But that’s beside the point .
My father and my mother divorced and my dad is living in Greece .   My mum have married for another man and they have a child – my little brother .
When we came back from the village I spoke with my daddy and my big brother ( he is living in Sweden ) on skype .
After this I had dinner and went to sleep because in the morning I...


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