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Computers Part in Our Lives

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Computers have become a major part of our lives today. We use them for tests, entertainment, organization, studying, etc. They are a vital essential in the world we live in. Without them the world would fall apart. It is impossible to imagine how people functioned in the old days when computers did not exist. Computers have become almost as smart as us.
We use our computers daily. After a long day in school, we usually turn on our computers and use them for learning and studies. Computers provide a big variety of information which is available for us to search. And all the information is gathered in Internet. Internet is everyone's door to the world and to the vast knowledge of everything.
Computers have significant advantages over people in a few select areas. They can store huge amounts of information that they will never forget, they can organize and retrieve that information very quickly, and they can do very complex calculations very quickly.
The newest generation of computer applications for learning uses these computer advantages to help students do much more complex problems than they otherwise could. Researchers have noticed that computers improve our critical thinking skills, student collaboration, performing real-life tasks and performing complex tasks. And furthermore, computers are becoming more and more important for our studies, since they are used writing essays, researching and for learning more about our enviroment. Besides using computers for our studies and educational purposes, computers are also quite useful for our amusement. About 10 years ago, there was no other way to watch new movies but in cinema. Nowadays we can watch them at home - on the web. We can download or watch streaming movies and that for a small fee. Ofcourse there ar ways to get them for free, but that is piracy, which is illegal. But our entertainment possibilities does not end with movies. Not at all! Computers are used alot when listening to music or playing games....


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