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Summary-Analysis Essay
“Should A Woman Worked Outside The Home ?”
By Bella Marcia_16713022

Mohammed Akade Osman in his essay, “Should A Woman Worked Outside The Home ?”, exposed the reason why women should stay at their homes.   He explained that Allah has said in the Al Qur’an that women should stay at home, while some of His creation think that allowing woman to work outside the home gives her equal rights with men. He said that we couldn’t applying   this human-rule correctly because   Allah has created men and women differently, both in their physical stature and emotional capabilities.   The rate of unemployment,   crime, and divorce have rose because of this. Not only that, the moral of our nation will be lowered or perhaps, totally gone because their mothers were so busy that couldn’t teach and take care of their children anymore. I see this problem the same way like the author had done in his essay. I’m absolutely agree with all his statement which give us reasons why woman shouldn’t work outside the home.  
At the early paragraph, the author pointed out the religious view of this problem. The Koran and The Bible ̶̶ religious view ̶̶ also states “ that the women would should stay at home and do the house work ”. I like his decision to make religious point of view as fundamental reason and answer. The right answer is always come from The One who knows everything that’s good for His servant. Human are so weak and know nothing, unless they hold into Al Qur’an and As Sunnah. Allah tabaarak wa ta’ala says in Surah Al Ahzab : 33 ,”And settle in your homes; and do not display yourselves, as in the former days of ignorance. And perform the prayer, and give regular charity, and obey God and His Messenger. God desires to remove all impurity from you, O People of the Household (ahlul bayt), and to purify you thoroughly”.   Feminist may think this as a limit for women, whereas Allah’s decision is a form of a mercy towards His slaves . Actually, this is the best...


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