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Intermediate Spanish

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Intermediate Spanish, not for beginners, nor for experts but for everyone else in between. These are the thoughts that are usually shared when one receives the name of their class that they now need to attend. Yet after being in this class for the past few months it is evident that this class is a great course for all of us, no matter what our Spanish level may be, this class is the right choice. In this class I learned many things, from grammar, to history, controversial issues and everything else in between. What I enjoyed best about the class was it’s “musical inspired twist”, the way Professor Ramer has designed the class to incorporate this component and enhance our learning experience has been one of a kind. After a busy day of work I always look forward to my Tuesday evening class at MCC with Professor Ramer. Music is not only a big part of my everyday life but it’s also in my “blood” as they say. Arriving to class and hearing the classical sounds and melody that brings us all together regardless of our differences, by one international language, known as the sound of music fills me up with happiness and joy.

My thinking has been changed to focus on more than just Spanish as a language, there is so much more to it that at times we don’t even notice it. Spanish is not only the speaking and writing of the language it is also understanding it’s beginnings and it’s history. I arrived to the states at the age of 7 during the big winter storm of 95 with my patten leather shoes, unfamiliar with the environment and most definitely the cold winter days covered in white snow. I continue to speak Spanish at home with my parents and continuing to read and write in my native language and speaking it at home was second nature. After all my parents believed that my brother and I must preserve our culture and never forget our roots. When I then moved to Somerset County I met other Spanish speakers and realized that speaking Spanish and actually knowing how to read and...


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