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Chapter One of "How Children Succeed

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In chapter one on page 18 Paul states that children that grows up in a stressful enviroment is harder to concentrate, harder to sit still, harder to rebound from dissappointment, and harder to follow directions. This when Teachers have to be able to deal with kids who may have an outbreak and be able to control the rest of the class at the same time. He also stated that teachers surveyed and found that it wasn't the kids who didnt know the alphabet it was the ones who don't know how to manage their tempers or calm down after a provacation. When looking at the perspectives as a future teacher I would have it more student centered that teacher centered and also follow the scaffolding process, mainly because knowing thats its hard for them to sit still and concentrate you have to make them more involved into the lesson like Gwen did in her archealogy lesson and by doing this it wouldn't be a problem as in disrupting the class for other students. For example, if the environment was stressful in the moutain lesson and the kids had this problem, her class would have been disrupted multiple times because the kids wasn't really student involved.
On page 28, parents and other caregivers who are able to form close, nurturing realationships with their children can foster resislience in them that protects them form many of the worst effets of harsh early environment, this is dealing with the cognition vs. motivation. As a teacher if you motivate your students to do good and school and give them positive words that they may not normally hear, when they are put into the a situation for example to skip school to do a bad thing they wil be able to decide to go to school to better themselves. Also it relates to the moment vs. future becuase I believe in order to encourage a student to do postivie things, you have to tell them how its going to help them in the future because then they will understand the full concept of why you are telling them that and why you want to them to be...


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