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Development of Working Relationships in Hospitality

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1. Development of Working Relationships in Hospitality

In an organization people belonging to different social and professional backgrounds come together to work for the same goals. The role of communication in an organization is to create a job satisfaction. If the environment is friendly where employees communicate their ideas, work related issues, and a feedback is given, that motivates the employees to work better and feel valued.

      2.1 Explain the importance of clear communication in the workplace.

Clear communication is essential in a workplaces, due to the consequences of misunderstanding. In situations where the team has to work as one, aiming for being ready in the same time, communicating with each other is one of the most important, therefor making sure that what we say is clear, laud, and understandable has to be a basic. Our body language is there to help us, such as showing numbers, or nod if we understood something, but we also has to be sure that we don’t give any false information with it. Communicating with others can happen in a written way, leaving notes, or lists to do. In these cases we have to be sure that our grammar is correct, accurate spelling and that we use appropriate language at all times.

1.2 Identify methods for communicating clearly with colleagues, managers and costumers.

Most of our communication is happening between colleagues. We always has to be sure that every time we ask our colleagues for something or we answer them, the communication has to be clear, so we prevent misunderstanding. Clear communication between employees and managers are very important when we are sharing information. We have to make sure that the information we give is valid and up to date, and also has to be sure that our manager gets the right information from us. Can it be face to face, through phone, or by written note. Any case we have to be sure that our information is easy to understand. Any time a costumer can ask us for anything....


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