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Industrial Raymond Mill to Enhance Customer Reputation and Selection of Jaw Crusher

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Many customers said that after the purchase of Raymond mill, production for a period of time will find the yield reduction, do not know is what reason, how should solve the problem of customer service center, service company that every answer.
1, the hardness of materials. The more hard material Raymond up more difficult, but also for the equipment wear the more serious. Raymond milling speed slow, of course, Raymond ability is small.
2, the material humidity, namely material containing water is large, the material easy to adhesion in Raymond mill, also easy to transport in the blanking process of blocking, decrease Raymond ability.
Fineness material 3, Raymond, fineness requirement is high, which requires the Raymond mill out of the material is fine, then Raymond capacity is small.
4, material, Raymond Mill powder material contain before 20Tablets more and more influence Raymond, because these fine powder easy adhesion effect delivery. For the fine powder content should advance once sieve.
5, viscosity. The material viscosity is bigger, more easily adhesion.
Raymond mill, Raymond Mill (6 hammer, jaw plate) of the better resistance Raymond capacity is large, if not wear, will affect the ability of Raymond mill.
How to prolong the service life of jaw crusher.
Selection of jaw crusher
Materials should be high wear resistance materials, jaw crusher is generally ZGMn13, under impact load, its surface hardening, forming a hard and wear resistant surface, while still maintaining the toughness of the inner layer metal original, it is jaw crusher with a wear-resistant materials most commonly. But in recent years, a kind of high chromium white cast iron making tooth plate, the service life of it is much higher than the high manganese steel.
Daily maintenance of jaw crusher
Repair: adjusting device check and repair jaw crusher, the discharge gap, the wear of the lining plate U-turn or replacement. Examine the transmission part, lubrication system and replace the...


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