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Social Media Research Report

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Social Media Research report
Table of contents Page

1. Introduction 2
2. Definition of social media and global economy 3
3. Social media and establishments of networking sites 3
4. The business impact towards the social media 4
5. The role of the social media in the society 5
6. Conclusion 6
7. Reference list 7

1. Introduction

This research report will elaborate on the social media as a concept that interacts with the business sector. Hence, it will emphasize on the global economies impact towards the social media, the changes that have occurred, as well as the development of social media. It has been stated that social media is the powerful force that uplifts the global economy. The main factors is the usage of social media like social networks and forms of business that use social media a source of improve the working environment. The conclusion will be based on the overall impact social media has caused in people’s lives and the society.

“How has social media uplifted the society and impacted the global economy and the interface of the business sector?”

  * What is the meaning of social media and global economy?
  * Who established social media and networking sites?
  * How does the business sector interact with social media?
  * What is the role of the social media playing in the society?

2.   The definition of social media and global economy

Social media is the interaction between individuals or groups with technological excess to connect with the internet like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace in order to save time and cost, to deliver the messages in a fast and effective manner(Coleman 2008: 118). This encourages contributions and feedback from people that are interested in the social media. Social media opens doors to a world of freedom by sharing information rapidly. The services of media is to promote voting in the political institutions, advertising a new brand company as well as...


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