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Mass Media Have an Adverse Effect on Moral Standards

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Mass Media Have an Adverse Effect on Moral Standards

Nowadays important businessmen own the majority of different forms of the media: newspapers, television and radio companies, besides other important assets. For example, Rupert Murdoch owns "The Times " , " The Sun ", three Australian television companies, Fox Incorporated but also investment companies.

My opinion is that's not a very good thing for the society as TV programmes or newspaper articles aren't entirely partial or objective and this affects the readers and their opinions. They become a form of mass-manipulation, offering the beliefs, opinions, thoughts of only one person who rules the media empire.

Futhermore, some businessmen use their newspapers and TV companies to justify their enormous income, obtained from illegal affairs. The government can't 
 do much about it as everything is a private property and everybody has the right to rule his business the best he thinks. People get to suffer as impartiality never works here. The boss hires the persons he likes or he has the right to fire those who don't agree with his opinions. This way you get to give up your beliefs so that you could keep your job. This way you get to think what's the point in obeying the rules and being an honest person if you are blamed for it?

It has been practically proved that by lying, cheating, stealing you gain more than by being a fair person. The society we live in has lost almost all moralstandards and we seem to have accepted the idea as nobody tries to fix things.
Media should be free, everyone should have the right to state their opinions, without being influenced by money or power. 


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