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Swot Dippin Dots

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Midterm Exam
Fall 2013 NAME: _


Use your copy of the case entitled:   “Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream” and any notes you have made on the case itself to answer the following questions.

  1. (10 points)

      The mission of Dippin’ Dots as contained in the corporate web site is:

      “At Dippin’ Dots we want to put you in a good mood and offer you a unique experience every day.”

Mission and vision statements provide the foundation for choosing and implementing strategies.   How well does the Dippin’ Dots mission fit this role?   Use specific examples from the case in your answer.

The roles of mission and vision statements are vital to the success of any endeavor. As defined, a vision statement outlines where you want your company to be, while a mission statement talks about how you will get there, and Dippin’ Dots has definitely succeeded in giving customers a unique experience by reinventing the ice cream industry.

Although it is a very simple mission, they have held true to the concept by continuing research and development to maintain the “space age technology’ by creating the Dots’ n Cream. This not only helped Curt compete with the intense competition, but also allow people to be enjoy his special treat at home.

I believe the most important aspect of their strategy was the initial target market segmenting of the younger generation. Most all kids love ice cream, and coupling it with such a unique design captured their interest immediately. This created a very loyal customer group that eventually wanted to share that experience with their children, this creating generations of customers and immense future growth potential.

  2.   (25   points)

      There are six segments of the general environment (sometimes called the MACRO ENVIRONMENT) that must be evaluated.   Choose any two of the six segments and identify the opportunities and threats for the frozen dairy industry...


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