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Customer Service Summary

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1.1 Creating positive image of the organisation to passenger is important because you promote the image of the company. Build a positive rapport with the passengers. Ensure a pleasant flight experience to all passengers while serve them. Promote repeat business whit certain flight company.

      1.2 Meeting and greeting passengers in a professional manner.Is being groomed well and dressed professionally in your uniform. Show interest into what passenger is talking about. Be welcoming. Recognise passengers who require special   assistance also if it’s not wheelchair or something warned previously .

      1.3 Importance of first impression. Is important because it gives people previous anticipation of that what you are. Sets the tone the rest of the flight, shows how they can trust to you and how professional you are.
Creates the right image for the airline you are working for.

      1.4 Ways how body language can influence the relationships with passengers.
It does promote positive relationships with passengers. Promote passenger confidence in the crew. Sets expectations high from cabin crew .

2.1 Difference between customers wants and needs .Want- something a passenger would like to have but it’s not necessary e.g. Good range of food and drinks.
Need- something a passenger must have e.g. Safety and security, correct food they ordered. Safety   equipment.

2.2 Difference between open and closed questions and the benefits of both are :
Open- a question which requires a response providing an opportunity to probe needs and wants:
What do you think of our service?
Closed- a question which requires a set answer, used to confirm needs and wants
Would you like to have a blanket?

2.3 Active listening is a way of demonstrating interest when receiving information. Like when you are listening to people you should react to what they are saying.. Need actually demonstrate you are listening.

2.4 Types of non verbal communication signals Body Language is...


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