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To Kill a Mockingbird Book vs Movie

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In the book the author Harper Lee did a great job on the theme of perspective, but in the movie the director Robert Mulligan did a decent job in my opinion with perspective. In the book Harper Lee did a great job on perspective with the Mr. Raymond scene as in the movie it was cut out. In the book Lee included the scene where Atticus tells Scout that you can not judge a person until you have been in their shoes. Which the movie did include and did convey the theme of perspective.   The last scene of the book was one of the most powerful scenes in the book that conveyed the theme, the porch scene where Scout is standing on Boo’s porch. This scene is in the movie but in my opinion I do not believe that it conveyed the mood as well as in the book.
In the book To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee did a great job on conveying the mood of perspective. One scene that she did a great job on conveying the mood in the book starts on page and ends on page. Before this scene Jem tells Scout and Dill about mixed children and how Mr. Raymond has mixed children and how he always drinks and hangs out with the african americans. Later on during the trial Dill begins to start crying due to Mr.Gilmer the circuit layer who is representing Mayella Ewell treats Tom Robinson. Jem made Scout take Dill outside of the courtroom. Scout leads Dill to a oak tree to sit under, Mr. Raymond pops out and gives Dill a sip of soda out of his paper sack. It is a surprise to both Scout and Dill that Mr. Raymond is drinking soda out of his paper sack instead of alcohol. Mr. Raymond explains to them that he never has alcohol in his brown sack that he just pretends to be drinking so that people have a reason to judge the way he lives. On page 268 Mr. Raymond tells Scout ““It ain’t honest but it’s mighty helpful to folks. Secretly, Miss Finch, I’m not much of a drinker, but you see they could never, never understand that I live like I do because that’s the way I want to live.”” This scene conveys the...


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