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Merchant of Venice

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1. MERCHANT OF VENICE                                                                           a) Bassanio, Antonio’s dearest friend, confesses that he is madly in love with a girl of exceptional beauty and of rich inheritance at Belmont and her name is Portia. He also tells Antonio that he wishes to pay a visit to that place in order to win her as his wife. Already in debt to Antonio, Bassanio asks for more money to finance his suit to Portia. Antonio’s merchandise and wealth is currently at sea, but he generously offers to use his credit to borrow money for Bassanio’s use.                                                                                                                                       Bassanio visits Shylock, a moneylender who Antonio has often insulted and spit upon because he is Jewish and because he charges interest when he lends money. Bassanio tells Shylock that he is need of three thousand ducats for three months and he gives the security of Antonio. Shylock is internally happy because he can get an opportunity to settle scores with Antonio. He tells Bassanio that he cannot depend upon the security of Antonio whose all fortunes are invites in the merchant ships, even then he can give loan on the personal security of Antonio. Bassanio invites Shylock to dinner. Shylock responds that he can do anything with the Christians but not eat or drink or pray with them.                                                                                                                         Antonio arrives at that moment. Shylock pretends that he has not noticed Antonio. Shylock hates Antonio because he is a Christian and lends money to the people without charging any interest. He was waiting for an opportunity when he can catch Antonio in his net and take his revenge. He pretends that he does not have three thousand ducats with him but he will borrow this amount from one of his friends Tubal. Antonio requests Shylock to give three thousand ducats to...


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