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American Greed

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Professor Ayres
English 101
November 4th, 2012
American Greed
We see it on the television, we see it in our culture, and above all we see it in our children, greed. Civilization has made children and adults into mischievous bandits constantly on the lookout for the next quick payout so they can buy an island in some far off part of the world. This greed has become so prevalent in our everyday lives that we see it in effect within our global economy and its even knocking down our doors fighting to get into our homes and into our everyday lives (which it has already achieved). It doesn't matter where you go anymore, whether it's an advertisement, a salesman, or a simple pop-up online they all depict the same mark of the national character for Americans, the lust for greed.
To say America is a country of happy people who don't lust for greed is folly and a blatant disregard for the global economy in current times. It's these same people who pass along those false ideals of America being such a place that are romping through the ranks of small businesses with their huge corporations and reaping the benefits. These corporations, which are run by an elite few, have very strong roots in America politics, laws, and various other fundamental features that make America such an awe-inspiring place to live as pose to other countries. But sadly, it's all a farce and underneath the big smile that corporations put on for the American people lies a vast networking of algorithms that calculate and decide on America's future. But at the same time as Robert Reich writes about in his short story, Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer, he states, "Routine producers in the United States, then, are in direct competition with millions of routine producers in other nations. twelve thousand people are added to the world's population every hour, most of whom, eventually, will happily work for a small fraction of the wages of routine producers in America. (McGraw Hill...


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