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In the novel ‘Worldshaker’ written by Richard Harland, the protagonist Colbert Porpentine, steps in real life world and discovers many lies about his childhood that makes him change his perspective on the world. Colbert’s life changes since Riff came and opens his eyes to see the real world that is full of lies and wrong beliefs. He also choses to change as he steps into the real world to make the wrong, right and to have justice. Riff’s not the only one who change Colbert’s perspective to the world but also the people around him like his family that made him question if his life is full of lie as he continues on knowing the truth. Colbert is wise to know what is true to lies and he's going to stand up to make his world right even if that means risking his future.

Riff opens Colbert’s eyes to see how scary the real world is and full of lies. Riff doesn’t tell but shows Colbert what were wrong about the whole Worldshaker that Colbert doesn’t think about before, like “the Worldshaker would mash everything it rolled over” in the land which means destroying the environment. Riff also make Colbert realise that the Worldshaker “would leave a trail of destruction” to the ground where they travel around for a hundred years or even more. Since Riff opens Colbert’s eyes and mind to know almost every lie in the juggernaut, Colbert is “almost on Filthies’ side already” which make Colbert realise that if Riff was right, then everything he lived for and all this time his life was a lie. Colbert’s view for the people that make him believe a lie, changes as he knows what is the truth.

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