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Social Justice

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Alec Showalter
Philosophy 101
30 April, 2014
Social Justice
The main Key to studying philosophy is by opening you’r eye’s and especially you’re mind. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems that investigate the ideas about truth, knowledge, and the meaning of life. Now that you have a clear look at what philosophy is. I would like to introduce to you a certain topic that revolves around philosophy, and this topic is social Justice. Social Justice is the ability people have to realize their potential in the society that they live in. We will go more into detail about social justice further on in the reading. Another thing we are going to focus on is the point of view Plato and Thomas Hobbes have on social Justice. They both look at social justice very differently but, also have similar thoughts on the topic.
Social Justice refers to ensuring that people fulfilled both their societal roles, and receive what was due from society. Generally social justice is a set of institutions that will enable people to lead a fulfilling life and be active contributors to the their community. You can compare social justice to human development if that helps you out at all.   Justice is an important word from “social justice” because it is a action that takes place with the requirement of some law. Whether these rules are grounded in human consensus or societal norms, they are supposed to ensure that all members of society receive fair treatment (Social Justice). Fairness among everyone in our society is the key thing to open your mind to while reading this paper. The reason for why is because Plato and Thomas Hobbes look at fairness in different ways. Now there are several types of justice that these philosophers tend to agree and disagree to.
Plato and Thomas Hobbes both agree that there needs to be some type of government for society to work properly. The thing is they both look at how the government should be handled in different ways....


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