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Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault can leave an individual mentally and emotionally damaged.   No matter the severity of the assault, it can still cause someone to be in a mind state that it may happen again or why them?   There a number of issues that victims experience when they are traumatized after a sexual assault.  
Fear, depression, and flashbacks are a few issues that could arise after this situation.   The victim may be afraid to go out or meet new people.   Depression could set in making them unhappy about how it all came to happen.   The worst of those three for the victim may be flashbacks.   This will bring the victim back to the sexual assault.   Whether it be from the most simple action or maybe even a look.   Fear from this act will make an individual uneasy around people or even certain types of people that have similar characteristics as the person that violated them.  
People will also suffer from a lack of confidence.   They may not feel as though they are respected because that happened or they may feel awkward being seen.   Since that has happened they may also feel like no one will understand and will not feel like they are able to relate to other people.   For the most part, their sex life could have been effected.   They probably will not want to partake in the regular sexual activities that they once enjoyed.   All in all, sexual assault will effect a person' s way of thinking, their emotions, behavior, and the way they function physically.
Not every sexual assault victim will have a reaction or be traumatized.   Everyone copes with certain things differently.   If anything they may take it as a chance to educate other people of this offensive act.   They will be able to let others know where and how to spot signs and how to avoid a situation as such.


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