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People who might not have time to incorporate exercise in their lifestyle can still exercise. They can still include exercise in their lifestyle by doing at least 10-20 minutes of exercising before they work or do something. In those 10-20 minutes can include like walking to work, taking stairs instead of elevator. Walk around in their workplace more.  

For those people who think they don’t have time to exercise in their schedule of everyday is because they’re busy with work and children if they have kids. But the fact is that they can exercise while doing their responsibilities for the day. Most of you all would wonder how busy people could incorporate exercise in their daily lifestyle. For example, business employees mostly has to stay in their office but they can still exercise everyday by using the stairs instead of elevator to get to their office. Other suggestion would be that if those people usually move around using their wheeled chair, stop moving with it, stand up and walk to get things. Before the business employees start their day at the office, they normally drive to work, why use car if they can walk or bike to work. Those exercises are considered as being active for at least for short time and good way to start the day with an exercise.

The lifestyle of Grabwell Grommet was bad lifestyle because he didn’t exercise regularly or even once a week. He was smoking in morning already. He ate eggs for breakfast which was good but he added salt, that is not good. He drank coffee with cream and sugar as well. He normally drives to work instead of walking. He smokes cigars too. He consumed alcohol when he got home from work. He only has 6 hours of sleep that is all. He was paranoid so it caused his lifestyle to be worse during that time, he didn’t think about his health was going down. He died from natural causes. I took the test of my exercise and nutrition lifestyle. It came out that my fitness effort is positive and my nutrition was that I have a...


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