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Less Means More

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Texas A & M University or Temple College, are the big named universities worth the hassle? Although universities and community colleges both offer students to receive the degree of their choice while accomplishing their dream goals. Many prospective students find that in a community college they are more likely to meet their needs of the average working student, fewer tuition, along with higher instructor attention.
Majority of students in today’s society are students who are having to work full time to pay bills, take care of their families, or to get them by with everyday expenses of life. Average working students have the same dreams of completing a college degree as a non-working student might have. Community colleges allow working students to achieve such goals no matter how hard they are working outside the college life. University colleges do offer a variety of classes, however they don’t always offer night time classes like a community college can. Most working students work the average nine to five job and are not always able to attend classes during the morning or in the afternoon unlike non-working students who are able to attend classes during the morning hours. So with the ability to work during the day as well as attend classes at night community colleges seem to fit the average working student. Also with community colleges they not only keep the working students in mind they also keep the everyday parents who might have the same dreams of a working or non-working student, wither they are single parents or not. Some colleges have been known to not only provide students with night time classes also offer daycare services for the attending student, if daycare is unavailable for them. With the twenty first century college students are not like they use to be with no children and were able to attend classes while not having to work.
The cost of community college or a major university should play a major role in where you should start your education....


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