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Maniac Education System

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Maniac Education System
  Cici Yongshi Xiao
    Everybody say that Chinese are good at study, they are bookworms. “I think Chinese are clever, they often get high scores in school.” “Chinese are smart hard workers, but they do not tend to act as groups.” “They are so smart. In my school there are lots of Chinese people the all get like 90 or 95% so I think they are so smart.”  These are the some popular comments of Chinese students from the foreigners. Of course it is impossible that every Chinese student have ambitious in their academic achievement but most of them they are. To be honest, I really want to get A in all of my classes and I will try my best to do it. That is because wanting to get a good grade is a habit for me. I can represent some hardworking Chinese students.
    The reason for my propensity is that I’m a victim of China’s exam-oriented education which scores is the only standard to evaluate students. Unlike in Western countries, students in China do not have the freedom to choose what they want to learn unless they go to college. High scores will be rewarded while low scores will be punished. Some people generalize our education system as “high score but no life skills.” Absolutely, they are right. Teachers teach about test contest every day to make sure us get to know how to solve problems. We have to deal with tons of examination papers every day. Every exam is graded and ranking, great competition occurs among us because no one wants to be left behind.
    Furthermore, there are many rules in our school and our classes, in my school such as we have to wear school uniforms, we must go to class on time, no food or sleep during the classes, we have to finish the homework and so on. If we break the rules, we may get punishments. We need to respect our teachers. All the teachers are god of students. We have to salute when we see the teachers even if the teachers are not teaching us. When the teacher’s talking on the classes, we can’t talk even...


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