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Dissapointments in Life

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Disappointments in Life
In the novel, Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens, he takes the readers back to the 19th century of England to experience the stages of the narrator’s, Pip, life and how he changes as a person morally and socially. Pip is taken care of by his sister, Mrs. Joe, and his brother-in-law, Joe. As the readers progress into the novel, they learn that Pip is maturing as a “common man” to a young, educated gentleman. Pip’s motive of becoming a gentleman is when he meets Miss Havisham,a high class women that lives in the Satis House. He falls deeply in love with very heartless Estella, Miss Havisham's daughter. From then, Pip only focuses on being worthy of Estella and nothing else around him nothing matters as much as it used to.   In order for Pip to become educated and pursue his dream of becoming a gentleman, Pip has a secret benefactor,Abel Magwitch, where he receives all of his fortune from. As Pip gradually climbs the ladder of social class, he loses himself and act rudely to the ones he loves, in which he regrets when he reaches adulthood. As a result of Pip’s repeatment of disappointments in Miss Havisham, Estella, himself, Dickens portrays that life will be inevitably disappointing.
From Miss Havisham’s revenge, Pip experiences failure in his great expectations which emphasizes the disappointments in life. When Pip thinks Havisham is his secret benefactor, he visits the Satis house to thank her. Upon Pip's arrival, she advises her sister-in-law, Sarah Pocket, "Don't go, Sarah” (144). Pip additionally takes notice of Miss Havisham when conversating ,“so keen was her enjoyment of Sarah Pocket’s jealousy dismay” (145). When Pip enters the world of being a gentleman, the reality fails to meet his expectations; however, he does not acknowledge that. He takes great pride in this scene since he feels that Miss Havisham will finally accept him as a gentleman. As he takes notice of Sarah Pocket being secluded from the conversation and...


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