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Ssu Project Censored

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28 April 2010

Project Censored

Project Censored is a program put together by the faculty and students of Sonoma State University. Project Censored has both a website and book; where the top censored stories that didn’t make the news get reported on.   Project Censored was founded in 1976 by journalism professor Carl Jensen. His original goal was to teach and give his students the ability to find and report on stories that has an effect on their community and nation that didn’t make the news room. By reporting and developing stories that get hidden and never take face on the surface of today’s news rooms, Carl Jensen believes it will help keep and restore the right to the First Amendment.
Every year; hundreds of faculty, students and supporters of Project Censored submit stories to Project Censored, where they are looked over and placed in order from least importance to greatest importance. There are hundreds to even thousands of uncovered news that make this list. Once a board of directors filters these stories; they come up with the top 25 stories of the year. It has become a mission and determination of Project Censored to provide its readers with good strong news. Everything that does not fall under the category of good news is labeled, “Junk Food News.”
“Junk Food News,” is a term coined by Jensen, which describes the news broadcasted to us every day in the form of media. We have become a media driven society, we enjoy drama, action and gossip. This fascination with drama has led the news corporations to only provide stories that deal with celebrity actions and behaviors in society, such as Michael Phelps smoking out of a bong or what the latest fashion the first lady is wearing. As this so called “Junk Food News” is making headlines, the real news, the news we should be getting is not covered. Meeting of nations go unheard, toxic spills in France gets over seen with headlines of Angelina and Brads new born babies. Constantly our news...


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