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Collin Herrema
Dr. Brent Gibson
Rhetoric and Composition
October 8, 2013
A World Without Lies

We all tell lies everyday. Whether we agree with it or not we do. It’s an interesting concept actually because if one thinks about it, lying is such a huge part of our culture today that some would say its necessary to lie just to be successful or one has to lie just make sure no thinks he or she isn’t a blatantly disrespectful person. Lies are important to our society; if they ceased to exist our world would be filled with hatred and anger towards others.
When you think about it lies are something we tell everyday just to keep our own perception the way it is. We tell lies to make sure people think that we are nice and respectful people. A lot of us care so much about what others think, that they get caught up living lie because they’ve dug such a big hole with their lies that they feel like there is no way for them to get out and in turn continue on the destructive path of living a lie. Some lies can be necessary in the culture and era that we in live in today. For example, if your boss comes up with a great idea or at least he thinks it is great and you tell him that its not that great and is actually a terrible idea, that really isn’t a good way to keep your job so most people would nod their head and agree just so they would avoid confrontation. Now, some would say that there is a certain way that you could address your boss without hurting his feelings but from personal experience there just some people that you have to nod your head and say that they’re right.
If Americans didn’t tell lies there wouldn’t be a newspaper and we wouldn’t have tabloids. Some jobs themselves would not even be a job because in reality they just tell lies and spin stories for a living. If lies were not part of our culture most people would be angry with everyone because we would have to tell them what we really thought. In the movie “Liar, Liar” with Jim Carrey this situation is...


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