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Traffic Violation's Critical Situation in Pakistan

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[pic]Pakistan is an Enemy of the United States Added by A. James on July 9, 2013.
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Evidence proves that the Pakistani military gave safe haven to America’s number one enemy, Osama bin Laden.  When intelligence services discovered he was in Abbottabad, a raid was planned to capture or kill the al-Qaeda leader.  Pakistan is now calling the action an ‘act of war.’  Knowing that Pakistan harbored the cowardly organizer of the attack on ‘911,’ makes them an enemy of the United States.
The report of the Abbottabad Commission makes the false claim that Pakistani officials were unaware that bin Laden had been living near a military base for years.

The raid illustrated Washington’s “contemptuous disregard of Pakistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity in the arrogant certainty of […] unmatched military might”, the report concluded in its “Findings” section.

The report also criticized the government and military for not securing the country’s borders, and both allowing bin Laden to enter their country unnoticed, (supposedly), and the United States to initiate an attack on Pakistani soil without being detected.

The military was the major focus.  When the air force was asked why low-level radar did not detect the American helicopters, they replied that they were in ‘peace time’ mode, and not active on the western border with Afghanistan.  Pakistani air force jets were scrambled after U.S. helicopters had left the area.

“There was no pro-active anticipatory policy or policy planning,” the report says, in detailing how the Pakistani military apparently had no contingency plans in place to respond to a unilateral US raid.

The report stated that such a raid by the U.S. was not totally unexpected.

“Is it official or unofficial defense policy not to attempt to defend the country if threatened or even attacked by a military superpower like the US?” the report asks several top...


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