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Aam Adami Party

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What Aam Admi Party means to a common Indian?
Aam Admi Party, abbreviated as AAP, is the song that common man is singing these days. Decades have passed since we got political independence from the British rule but the freedom of Mahatma Gandhi's dream is still awaiting to be achieved.
Since independence, common man has seen several political parties. Eyes of common people are still looking for some trustworthy party to take charge of this great country.
Corruption has now become a part and parcel of every day routine. One has not to go far for finding examples of corruption. Peons to officers, officers and ministers are all in hand in glove with one another and interconnected in the web of corruption.
Common Wealth Games, 2G spectrum, Bofors scam, Fodder scam and several others are glaring examples of this deep rooted evil. The prevalent culture of corruption has created a feeling of resentment in the masses. People have become tired of the daily news covering such corrupt practices. Everyone is waiting for a change.
AAP, under the leadership of Arvind Kejeriwal has somehow given a beacon of light to the aspiration of teeming millions. People have started thinking that this evil of corruption can be rooted out by the new party that professes to be for the common man. Even if AAP cannot change the whole country but at least a beginning can be made in this direction.
AAP's goals like providing cheap electricity, water to people in Delhi may sound over ambitious but if implemented properly people can definitely make an impact on the poor.
It is due to the increasing popularity of the AAP among common masses other political parties are pulling up their socks. AAP's victory in Delhi has made it very clear, if other political parties do not mend their ways, they will be sure to be shown the door.
As the AAP is a newcomer into politics, it is ridden with some flaws. Its new leaders are not mature enough to understand the prevailing situation and are often seen...


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