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Ordinary People Essay

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After Beth left it wasn’t easy for the boys to adjust without her, but they managed to deal with it the best they could.   Its not easy being without a mother and a brother but there isn’t much I cant deal with in life if I’ve already over come my biggest accomplishments in life by forgiving myself and my mother. Conrad and Calvin’s relationship grew stronger and stronger each day that Beth was not around.
Meanwhile, Beth had gone on her way and traveled to Europe by herself.   Beth thought it was the best thing she could do for herself, and quite frankly she didn’t care too much about the boys anymore.   She thought it was the best thing to do, to isolate her from them and to forget all her worries by trying to start a new chapter in her life.  
Beth was having the time of her life in Europe, she was no longer with ‘them’ and was able to be a snobby cow whenever and wherever she wanted with no one judging her.   Beth had a hotel room all to herself, but since Beth was such a high maintenance and stubborn woman, she had to not only booked a nice hotel room, but she had to book the biggest luxury suite possible.   Beth thinks spoiling herself will make everything better.   That was something that he never did, I was never spoiled when I was with him, NEVER.   If things didn’t go Beth’s’ way, then it wasn’t possible for Beth to have a good time.
Beth went out the following morning upon arrival, wearing a nice pair of patterned pants and an off white flowy shirt with a collar.   Beth always dressed to impress, even if she is only by herself.   Looking good makes her feel good.   Walking down the streets of Europe made Beth beyond happy, a feeling she hadn’t felt in such a long time.   She walked across the street to a little coffee shop that she had previously read about in the travel guide the day before.   It was famous for its large cups and thick cream.   Beth walked right in there and took a glance at the menu that was hanging on the wall.   A very tall man accidently...


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