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Life Is Full of “Ifs or Buts”

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Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! I’mvery glad to stand here and give you a short speech. My topic is “Life is fullof “ifs or buts” ”, I hope you will like it, and find the importance of life andcherish it more.Several weeks ago,a shocking news broke out. A Malaysianairplane (MH370) with 239 passengers just disappeared after its departure fromthe airport. Almost two hours later,the plane just vanished into air, as if it neverexisted before.Yue Wenchao, a student in UK, flight to seehis girlfriend from a great distance on this plane. If he arrived in Beijingsafely, his girlfriend would always be happy .But now, she is so sorrowful thatshe hardly wish to live.A renowned painter and calligrapher, Liu Rusheng,is also missing in this accident, if he arrived in Beijing safely, he wouldspend his remaining years in comfort with his wife. But now, they died ,so didtheir dream not come ture.WangYonghui is a migrant labor, who came to Singapore to make more money, hopingthat he could give his wife a life of high quality. If he arrived in Beijingsafely, he would keep his words and improve his family’s financial situation.But there are no ifs in their life now.Pavel Korchagin once said: “Man’s dearestpossession is life, and it is given to him to live but once. He must live so asto feel no torturing regrets for years without purpose, never know the burningshame of a mean and petty past.Our life has no ifs but only consequencesand results. Don’t cry over the spilled milk, and never do what you wouldregret.Talking about personal safety, we’llinstantly think of that a Hainan college student died after being whirled awayby sea waves at Moon Bay, Wen Chang of Hainan Province during his trip on MayDay holiday. Although I haven’t been to the accident sites where life and deathis so close to each other, I heard that his Shandong parents who travelled allthe way to his campus and cried bitterly in public, “My boy, I don’t want youto study your whatever college courses in this Hainan...


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