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Patriotism and Globalisation

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Patriotism and Globalisation

      February 17, 1858 at Columbia College in New York (future famous Columbia University) was established the first department of history and political science. Founder and first head of which was Francis Lieber, the first in the history of political science professor who delivered an inaugural speech «History and Political Science, Necessary Studies in Free Countries». His major scientific works are: «Manual of Political Ethics», «Civil Liberty and Self-Government», «Anglican and Gallican Liberty».
      Francis Lieber was born in Berlin in 1800, his childhood and teenage years were spent on a different background of revolutionary upheavals and wars in Europe. He volunteered for service in the Prussian army. During the general suppression of student organizations in 1819, he was suspected of liberalism for a while imprisoned. In 1821 sent to Greece to participate in the revolutionary movement for independence from there he went to Italy, England, and then in the United States . In the United States he lectured on history and politics in major American cities, and translated into English the works of leading French and German philosophers and sociologists .
      F. Lieber offered organic interpretation of the state and nation. According to his interpretation, the nation's unity is based on common culture and historical destiny, embodied by a specific political institutions. Nation occurs in the course of evolutionary growth, it can not be the result of some arbitrary conclusion of contractual agreements, whether between individuals or between states. (At this point he was wrong, US was able to create Israel which never existed before).
      When talking about the issue of patriotism in the era of globalization, it is necessary to first define what is patriotism. Patriotism – is the set of moral and political principles whose content is the love for the motherland. Patriotism assumes pride in the achievements and culture of...


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