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Television Is Better Than Books

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In my view television is more educational than books. I do agree with the statement above for few reasons.

First of all, the interaction with images and sounds from the television is more effective in the learning process rather than only paragraphs written in a book. One can get involved into an enjoyable documentary from the 18oo's as well as in a book. The differences are in the detail one can get through the television. Examples the accent from people of that time, their clothes and the amazing buildings we could see in the 1800's.

Second of all, today's technology allows one to explore several useful tools from a TV set. An example of that is the function SAP. With this function one can have a more effective educational process by listening to the original audio of movies, documentaries and so on. Due to the outcome of the digital television one can use this amazing technology to interact with the program been watched. This interaction is done by answering questions or sending comments or doubts through the television.

In addition to the interaction and technology issues, the facility to share and debate ones point of view about what one has watched is another point to be considered. An example to that are cultural kids programs. They come up every day with some interactive songs, games and plays. This kind of programs has a great popularity among kids. Kids talk about them with their friends at school. Even teachers use the content of these programs to get close to the students and have an open conversation about something that had been watched. It just is possible because many watch the same programs. However, it doesn't happen with books.

To sum up, based on the interaction, technology tools one can have through the television and the facility to share and debate whatever one has watched, I agree that television is more educational than books.


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