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ACWR 101 – Essay 2 Final Draft
    Say no to GMO in Turkey
Every living creature has to feed itself in order to continue its life. In today’s world it is hard to find the right foods to eat. People can not trust the producers of foods. Day by day natural ways to produce the nutriments that people eat are fading away in this sector. It affects not only people, animals, plants, but also the whole environment. Living creatures are facing some serious problems which will end up with death. On the other hand there are many people and researhers who encourage use of GMO food. The oppositions towards the idea of restriction of GMO is increased by researches of GMO supporters.   GMO food helps the farmers in order to solve   the drought problem and protect crops from herbicides (Scientific American’s board of editors, Fight the GM Food Scare). In that case farmers’ gravitation turns to use GMO. Zilberman theorizes that “The consume of GMO crops has lowered the price of food (Are Engineered Foods Evil?). In this way,   the people who struggle to make a high standart living prefer GMO food instead of organic food because of its expensive   cost therefore fewer people would die beacuse of hunger if the GMO food is used. The writer of article called The Truth about GMO highlightes that Nowadays it is hard to find a food which is not genetically modified almost all of them require GMO label (Ronald, 8). So it was not a big deal to comsume GMO food instead its advantages make GMO food more favorable.

Kayar 2
There are lots of reasons which can’t be ignored   to avoid from GMO. Firstly, it damages environment   and GMO changes the life cycle visibly. It is the most vital thing about saving the world for today and the future. The meaning of environment is home   for   people and GMO even harms to it. According to a 2009 report by organic center,   pesticide use has dramatically increased in the past 13 years as a result of planting GM crops (Smith, 3).   It means...


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