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Mariah Kelly
Period 1
September 11, 2013

“Why I want a wife”
This article points out the expectancies of a woman in a relationship and the basic place of a man in one. Although the article is off of her own self perception she projects her opinion in ways that most women can connect to in one way or another using many different examples. The author lists multiple jobs which a wife does and is expected by many to do in many instances. She does the same jobs in her life for her husband and children but now she seems to not like to do them anymore and wants a wife for her to help out. She is not serious in the story. She doesn’t want a wife literally.
The main examples given in the story highlight the author’s satire. Syfer says that she wants a wife who will work and send her to school so that she would not have to work as hard while working to become more economically independent. While it is worthy of respect to have a man want to become more economically independent, it is just as worthy of disrespect that he would expect the woman to work to support the family by herself during the time it takes to do this. She is very humorous in her essay while teaching the unmarried and also the married women the role of an uncomplicated wife. At times, everyone wishes they had someone to relay on and do things for him or her.
While in this essay, Judy Syfer argues that in a conventional marriage, the roles of a wife and a husband are imbalanced, considering that the wife's duties are expected to be more challenging than the husband's. By listing some vivid examples of a wife's tasks, Syfer tries to convince women to break this tradition. She efficiently uses the rhetorical tools as a style in order to influence her audience and win their approval. By using and supporting these rhetorical tools thoroughly, Syfer becomes very successful in achieving her opposition. While making this paper she is also speaking from experience being upon her own reputation as a wife in...


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