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A Widely Used Mining Industry Machine Called Magnetic Separator

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Magnetic separator is widely used in recycling timber industry , mining, ceramics , chemicals , food and other factories in . Low intensity magnetic separator suitable particle size less than 3mm wet or dry magnetic separation of manganese ore , magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore , ilmenite and other materials , but also for coal, non-metallic minerals , building materials and other materials iron work . Magnetic separator magnetic system , the use of high-quality ferrite material or composite made with rare earth magnets , tube sheet before the average magnetic induction of 800-4000mT. Due to technical development, the separator can be made into a roll shape , the magnetic field strength is increased to 8000mT. Has been measured is the highest field strength . Magnetic separator choices based on magnetic ore Low Intensity Magnetic Separator work on magnetic ore requirements are very strict , what should match what type of ore magnetic separator, magnetic separator can usually not the same sorting magnetic ore , but ore on magnetic strong or weak , should correspond to the selection of suitable low intensity magnetic separator magnetic separation it. Typically choose another separator for ferromagnetic ore is weakening magnetic separator, sorting weak magnetic ore separation equipment is magnetic separator. Because the strong magnetic magnetite , so we can pick a lower magnetic separator equipment recovered. Magnetite particles will save remanent magnetization once , when fine-grained. Magnetic particles attract one another corporation or flux . But the magnetic group is not easy to disperse, during which if rich gangue particles will drop the grade magnetic goods. If the presence of a magnetic group in grading operations to mine , grading power will drop. This is the adverse effects of the magnetic gatherings. In this case, the choice is usually demagnetizer eliminate residual magnetism , magnetic damaged party .The leading products of Hongxing Machinery...


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