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Miss Potter Reflection

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The film “Miss Potter”, directed by Chris Nooman, illustrates Beatrix Potter’s characters through her life. She was a story-teller for children, a prize-winning sheep breeder, and an idealistic conservationist representing the typical British. Her independence, her consistency and her love of nature were emphasized in this film.
As opposed to her parents’ wishes of marrying a noble man and settling down, Beatrix Potter kept drawing and writing about the animals she has been keen on since she was a child. This showed one of the most conventional characteristics of the British people who were always consistent with their original idea. In spite of failing to find a publisher for her children’s stories, her endeavor was eventually fulfilled by an offer from a small company printing her book and changing her life. At that time, she came into contact with Norman Warne, who approved of publishing her book and falling in love with her later on. However, this love affair contradicts with her parents’ expectations leading to a dilemma of choosing her family or her lover. Again her struggle for love and happiness indicated her persistency which was a typical feature of the British. After the sudden death of Norman, Millie Warne, Norman’s sister and Beatrix comforted each other after the tragedy. Later, Beatrix Potter and William Heelis got married, she owned a good deal of property in Britain’s Lake District. It was extraordinary for a woman in Victorian era to decide her life and fight against the prejudice of settling a marriage. Instead, she pursued her desire and her career, which showed the British’s personality of independence.
Most parts of the film revolved around the theme “love of nature” which was appreciated by the British. The scenes of nature and animals have emerged many times, highlighting the main character. Miss Potter spent most of the time finding pleasure in her “friends” – the animals that she painted and put it in the imaginary world. In addition,...


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