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Short Story

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Victor Sanchez

The short story “Fiesta” by Junot Diaz the story takes place in New York where Yunior and his parents live have migrated to from Santo Domingo. The father buys a lime green Volkswagen van, but in the eyes of Yunior he thinks his father bought it to impress the new community. Yunior has a big problem that he cannot ride the the van because he gets the smell form upholstery and it gets his stomach upset and that makes him want to vomit everytime he rides his dads car, so what his father does in order to prevent Yunior from vomiting, he makes him not eat at all before they go out to places.
Yunior is a tough little boy, but at the same time he feels really hopeless. Yunior is the main character in the story but his father and younger brother Rafa are important characters as well, Yunior has a problem of riding in his fathers new Volkswagen van because he always pukes but in the eyes of his mother she thinks its because he has something wrong with him or because the food he eats. Only Yunior and Rafa really know why he pukes in the van and they keep it a secret from their mom. Yunior had some family members coming in from Republica Dominicana, so his family decided to have a family party because of the new family members that arrived.   The day of the party Yunior got ready and was hungry so he ate some food at his house without his parents finding out because he knew that he wasn't able to eat any food, but Yunior didn't care because he didn't eat all day. His father came from home and noticed that Yunior ate so his father grabbed Yunior from the ears because Yunior knew better than to eat before getting in the van. Yunior was scared and hopeless because his mother didn't help him out she just stayed there and watched. The family finally left to the party, but Yunior didn't want to go because he didn't like going anywhere with his family and he rather stay home and play baseball with the kids from the block because thats what he loved to do....


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