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16. What do you learn of the national character of England orthe English people from the novel,
-bye, Mr. Chips

After reading the novel, Good bye Mr. Chips by JamesHilton, we come to know that the English people are very muchinterested in keeping the old things and old traditions. The Englishpeople are entirely against any quick or sudden changes in anything.This aspect of their lives is clearly shown in the outcome of thequarrel between Mr. Ralston and Mr. Chips. Literally Mr. Chipsaccept equally old. So much-so that Mr. Chips is always seenwearing an old and worn out gown but even then he is loved andrespected by all.Mother example of like nature comes to my mind thatwhen Mr. Ralston quarrels with Mr. Chips, every one is seensupporting him. Even the Board of Governors of the Brookfieldschool, provide him safety. The Chairman of the Board of Governorspays a visit to the Brookfield school; one openly assures Mr. Chipsthat the Governors are on his side. As a result of this traditionalelement of support to Mr. Chips, made Mr. Ralston to leave theschool.The next apparent quality of English people is their lovefor maintaining class distinction. The people of Brookfield haveestablished Mission School at London. These people of Brook fieldused to send money to this school, but they did not want to invite thestudents of Mission School for they were the sons of poor and needyparents. To their own opinion, these students were rough, uncivilizedand ill-mannered. Anyway, through the efforts of Mr. Chips, thoseboys from Mission School London were invited by the people of Brookfield.This novel of Mr. James Hilton reflects that the Englishpeople have a great love for their motherland. When the World WarFirst broke out, many boys and teacher left the school and went tofight on the front Moreover, the people of England are seen not tofeel afraid of the War but they are seen doing their daily routine of life without any disturbance.The English people have also a...


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