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President Musharraf has rightly said that the greatest danger to Pakistan comes not from without but from within,in the form of religious extremism and sectarianism.

Sectarian violence and religious exterimism is an unpredicatable threat. History is full with incidents of such sorts in various countries.The evil minded selfish natured people are behind this hateful act relating to the security concerns of many nations. Unfortunate is the fact that usually the third world Muslim countries have been and are being constantly threatened by these evil acts .

The incident of 9 /11 proved to be a serious act as the world picture took a U turn after the tragic consequences.The conflict, crisis, chaos, conspiracy ,confusion,and compromise are the three’c’s which effected the world all over .

Pakistan also being an important member of the world community also faced the increased threats both internal and external after the incident.Security has always been a misunderstood and misplaced issue in Pakistan .The real threat in Pakistan emnates from from domestic and internal security issues in the name of sectarian violence and religious exterimism.Pakistan unfortunately has always been effected by these internal threats which has always hindered its way towards the staus of progressed and prosperous nation both nationaly and internationally.
The origins of sectarian violence in Pakistan can be traced back to 
the war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. A large number of Islamist groups and Maddrasshs popped up inside Pakistan in the name of “Jihad” .Unfortunately the governmanet at that time failed to realize the religious extremist causes and their consequences at that time. 

As a result various acts of sectarian violence were noticed caused by both the external and internal influences making Pakistan unstable.
Each act of sectarian killing provoked a cycle of revenge killings. 
Civilian Governments failed to curb the menace and their failure...


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