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Bullying: Why the Programs Don't Work

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This day and age, schools say there is a zero-tolerance policy towards all kinds of bullying. We watch videos, we go to countless assemblies, and read about the effects of bullying every few weeks. I think it’s probably the issue addressed most in schools. And even with all of that, bullying is still a big issue. But I don’t think that a state-funded anti-bullying program will prevent bullying at all; it’s a good idea, but it’s weak, we don’t know how it will work, and if it will even help bullying circumstances in the slightest.
While this program sounds like a great idea, it is weak on it’s own. There are too many “if’s” for it to really work. Most schools already over-do teaching us about the effects of bullying as it is. I see a video or attend an assembly every other month. I don’t think a class should be added on top of all of that. Also, there’s no telling if schools will even carry it out. Just because a school is “required” to do something doesn’t mean they will follow through with it. It could just end up being over-looked, and then nothing will be accomplished. And will students even learn from it? While bullying is an important matter, people not involved in it don’t really care. The bullies will find it stupid and not even give it a second thought, and the victims might possibly step up and say something, but there’s no guarantee.
The first questions that should always be asked when an idea is proposed are “why?” and “how?” With “why?” already answered, I will ask “how?”: it is important to know how something like this will be done. Will it be a club or a class? If it’s a club or an elective class, I can already tell you it won’t work, because it’s optional. Your target audience, the bullies, would never choose that class to be in. Now, say all students must participate. Great, you have your target audience; but you also have a surplus. While all students could benefit from it, it could just as easily end up affecting the core classes and the...


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