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By AZoMining.com Staff WritersTopics CoveredIntroduction to AntleriteProperties of AntleriteHow to Identify AntleriteGlobal DistributionOccurrence of Antlerite and Useful Mineral AssociationReferencesIntroduction to AntleriteChemical Formula – Cu3(SO4)(OH)4Antlerite is a greenish hydrous copper sulfate mineral that was first discovered in Antler mine, Mojave Co., Arizona in 1889. stone crusher and grinding mill used in mining quarrying
The mineral was named after its place of discovery.Properties of AntleriteThe following are the key properties of Antlerite:Cell DataSpace Group: Pnama = 8.244(2)b = 11.987(3)c = 6.043(1)Z = 4Crystal DataOrthorhombicPoint Group: 2/m 2/m 2/mCrystals are thick tabular 010, equant or short prismatic [001], with dominant 110, another twenty-odd forms, to 2 cm; commonly fibrous and in cross-fiber veinlets, feltlike, granular or powdery lumps and aggregatesX-ray Powder Pattern: 4.86 (100), 2.566 (85), 3.60 (75), 2.683 (75), 6.01 (25), 5.40 (25), 2.503 (25)Chemical CompositionElementsContent 1Content 2CuO66.3467.27SO322.3222.57H2O10.5210.16Total100.06100Optical PropertiesOptical Class: Biaxial (+)Pleochroism: X = yellow-green; Y = blue-green; Z = green.Orientation: X = b; Y = a; Z = cDispersion: r < v, very strongα = 1.726β = 1.738γ = 1.7892V(meas.) = 53°Estimated PropertiesElectron densityBulk density (electron density)=3.81 g/cm3note: Specific gravity of Antlerite =3.95 g/cm3PhotoelectricPEAntlerite = 24.07 barns/electronU= PEAntlerite x ρ Electron density= 91.65 barns/cm3Fermion indexFermion index = 0.0008Boson index = 0.99RadioactivityAntlerite is not radioactiveHow to Identify AntleriteAntlerite can be observed gold ore processing plant for sale
in black green, black, emerald green, light green and green. It exhibits non-fluorescent and non-magnetic properties, vitreous luster,...


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