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Learn the Art of Living from the Parts of Your Body

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When there is One Earth, there should be One Humanity! To stick up to one humanity, Human Rights play a major role.  Human Rights are often referred to the Basic Rights, Birth Rights, Natural Rights and Moral Rights. These Rights directly refer and imply the Rights relating to LIFE , LIBERTY, EQUALITY and DIGNITY  of the individual. "LIFE WITHOUT RIGHTS IS A BEAST OF BURDEN WITH A BUNDLE OF BOOKS” Rights are very essential conditions of life for each and every human being for their  fittest survival , development and of well-being. Human Rights  are those Rights to which  every person  is entitled  as a Human Being.  These Rights  are absolutely intrinsic to all the human beings breathing on Earth.  These rights are inherent  and inalienable. The first and foremost Right says,” ALL HUMAN BEING ARE BORN EQUAL " and hence , are equally entitled  to these 30 Rights  without any distinctions of RACE,SEX, RELIGION,  LANGUAGE, REGION, NATIONALITY, PROPERTY, BIRTH OR STATUS.  There are two aspects of Human Rights UNIVERSAL and ALIENABLE. The second Right is the LEGAL aspect   that truly implies Human Rights  are legal and constitutional  rights. HUMAN RIGHTS have 03 Ds   (DISCIPLINE + DEVOTION+DEDICATION to HUMANITY ) that will give rise to a new 4th D and that is DEVELOPMENT of human being.  These Rights have 05 Ps (PASSION+PURPOSE + PLANNING+   PRESENCE+PRESENTATION) those will give rise  to a new 6th P and that is PERFECT PERSONALITY.  RIGHTS WITHOUT DUTIES IS A BOAT WITHOUT A RUDDER , A GARLAND WITHOUT A FLOWER .

    Let us go through this small episode of our body, which tells us HOW THE COMMON PEOPLE GET DEPRIVED OFF   THEIR RIGHTS, HOW THE POOR, INNOCENT AND THE WEAK ARE TORTURED without any reason and how the poor live but see how the rich, clever and diplomatic live. The story begins with a severe ache of the stomach. The stomach cries and cries out of great thirst...


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