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Success over Competitors

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Running head: SUCCESS OVER YOUR COMPETITORS                     1

Success Over Your Competitors
Jennifer Ludwig
Everest University Online

What did Roy Choi do to build the Kogi BBQ brand? What measures has he taken to extend the brand? In your opinion, would further expansion hurt Roy Choi’s efforts? Why?
The Kogi truck took a while to catch on. After several weeks of parking in different locations and not getting any customers, Kogi began going to clubs and giving free samples to bouncers. They enjoyed them and spread the word. Kogi's first "big break" came when Roy got the idea outside of Green Door in Hollywood to contact food bloggers about trying the tacos who then wrote about Kogi. Its subsequent use of Twitter to announce its location led to considerable buzz on social networking services, leading Newsweek to proclaim Kogi "America's first viral eatery". His business didn't fit into any previously known culinary category either, so that attracted many people.
Roy Choi would defiantly have to hire more help and take the time to train them which will cost more money obviously, bit considering the revenue he brings in I really think expansion would be in his favor. If you are running a successful restaurant, the thought of expanding to a new location probably comes into your mind anyway. Not only does it open you up to more business in another part of the city or state, but it also lets you expand.  
The introduction of Kogi BBQ has led to several other food truck businesses in and around Los Angeles. Does this competition help or hurt Choi’s mission?
It is important for any business, when being faced with competition to assess their own business by maybe doing a SWOT analysis. Rethinking your marketing approach could prove beneficial as well. Competition shouldn’t hurt Kogi BBQ as long as it continues to have quality product. As long as a business owner makes sure the quality of their...


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