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Safety of Mountaineering

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Hehe Zhang

May 13th
                                          teenager nearly falls off mountain
                                                                —— stop counting money, start thinking of security

    This morning, Riley, a 14 years old boy who was hiking on Sanqing mountain with his

parents, almost fall off the cliff.
    while Riley’s parents was enjoying scenery, he tried to rush to the top of a rock for

broadening field of vision. Exceeding his expectation, the rock was actually the edge of the

cliff, and there was no warning sign or guardrail. Fortunately, he grabbed a brunch of a tree  

preventing the worsening of the situation.

    He was flown to local hospital in a critical condition suffering a head injury, bruising and

abrasions. He was not completely alert at the time.

‘‘There’s no indication that it was anything other than a terrible accident,’’ his mother said

with weeping bitter tears, ’’We are hoping and praying that he will recover soon.’’

The presence of other tourists said the circumstances of exactly how the boy rush out the

edge were unclear, although he was not believed to be skylarking at the time.

    Chinese mountaineering association points that climbers are facing a serious problem:

lack of safety facilities and aging guardrails on most mountains. Chinese government

requires that the guardrails on mountains or  

ramps are 122 cm (4 ft) height or more

above the adjacent floor or grade level, but as

matter of fact, the responsible officer of Chinese

mountaineering association tell the author that on

many mountains the guardrails are serious aging

and even more mountains with no any security

facility at all. So safety is the most severe

problem tourists have to handle nowadays.

The now-famous falling-off-Table-Mountain
picture. It is faked, but perhaps this (if not


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